Anglo Pacific Trading Ltd
Worldwide Procurement
Do You Need Quality Manufacturers, Products and Suppliers?
We Are Here Helping People To Buy Right.
Importing and sourcing from China can save your business time, money, and effort.
APT Ltd make the process of sourcing easier and help mitigate many of the risks involved when dealing with global businesses.
We provide the following services to ensure importing globally is always a success for our clients.
Supplier and Product Sourcing
We offer a time and cost efficient way to keep your budget down.
Supplier Due Diligence
We ensure you are dealing with a reliable and reputable supplier that is able to supply your goods in a timely fashion, complete and up to current standards.
Supplier Order Management
We will manage orders with your supplier and all communication with them through our team on the ground internationally to ensure your goods are on time and complete.
Quality Control Inspections
Quality Control is necessary. We also conduct quality inspections to ensure quality.
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